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At youtube you may find videos of special moments
 in the life of a Roughdiamond Samoyeds.

This videos are dedicated to all the wonderful families who share their life
 with a Roughdiamond
and all the people, who are in love with these wonderful precious gems.


youtube link  





6 weeks old and sooo adorable (E-litter)


The parents Ayla and Magnum and their
5 weeks old babies - An adorable family!


Daddy Magnum and his 5 weeks old babies


4 weeks old Sammy babies’s playtime


E-litter babies with granny Duschka


The 3 weeks old babies are having visitors


E-litter babies getting active (20 days old)

current puppies

E-litter babies are 10 days old.


E-litter born Dec. 11th, 09: First video of the 4 days old puppies with mommy Ayla





D-litter 20 days old puppies start playing


D-litter at the age of 2 weeks


D-litter first cute, shaky steps (2 weeks)


Ayla and orange girl of D-litter (too cute!)


D-puppies outdoors at the age of 4 weeks
supervised by Duschka and Ayla


D-puppies at the age of 5 weeks (9 minute video, which gives you a good impression how a regular day in the life of a Roughdiamond puppy looks like. :-)





Ayla is taking good care of her 10 days old puppies (C-litter * 12/2/09)

Dec. 2008




7 weeks old puppies are playing with mommy, daddy and granny

Jan.   2009

Playtime in the whelping box (8 weeks old)


8 weeks old puppies (C-litter) are enjoying the snow


8 weeks old puppies and their first experience with a crate





9 weeks old Casanova is playing the fir cone game with Mommy Ayla and Daddy Magnum





Magnum - bathing - grooming - getting ready for the show


Magnum and Larissa at the dog show in Chilliwack on Feb. 20th, 2009


Magnum loves swimming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 2009

Magnum is always go for some fun!!!
In this case is checking out the trampolin.





Following find videos of our offspring:

Thanks for all puppy parents for sharing!!!!





Roughdiamond’s Casanova (blue boy at the age of 6 weeks)


Roughdiamond’s Casanova (almost 9 weeks old) is playing with the cat


Roughdiamond’s Casanova (8 weeks) and his favorite toy


Roughdiamond’s Casanova - The tunnel and the cat


Roughdiamond’s Casanova is playing in the snow


Roughdiamond’s Casanova (9 weeks) is visiting us and plays with mom Ayla





Roughdiamond’s Chance (9 weeks old) and buddy Brodie


Roughdiamond’s Chance (7 months old)
is swimming in the Okanagan Lake.

July 2009




Roughdiamond’s Boomer (Zero)
(1 1/2 years old) shows his tricks


Roughdiamond ‘s Boomer (Zero) under surveillance ;-)





Roughdiamond’s Bailey and Roughdiamond’s Akira (Kiska) enjoying their time together.






Roughdiamond’s Charming Carma (Aimee)
and siblings at the age of 6 weeks


Roughdiamond’s Charming Carma (Aimee)
playing with a ball (11 weeks old)





Roughdiamond’s Canim
with Cindy“at work”





Roughdiamond’s Dina
9 weeks old - her first day at the office


Lots of videos out of Dina’s fulfilled life





Roughdiamond’s Zero and Roughdiamond’s Dina have their own webpage, where they want to share their special moments with us.





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