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Titel alle puppies

We are located in Ontario (6o km north of Toronto)

You can reach us at: 519 925 3826

and email:

We breed these wonderful companions for our own pleasure
as well as to exemplify the highest quality
according to the CKC and AKC standards for Samoyeds.


We are proud to share with you, that our puppy owners always keep us updated on the physical and mental well-being of their Sammies.

This provides us with the necessary information we need,
to breed healthy, top quality Samoyeds of extraordinary beauty
and especially loving personalities.



Our Samoyeds excel
as great family companions as well as in the show ring.

Cloverdale Duschka 1

They also come along quite well with other pets....


The owners of Roughdiamond’s Divine Stella (7 month old) wrote:
“.....Believe me this is not staged. I'd say our girl is fairly well balanced!
Feel free to use these if it assists your promotion of what great pups you're raising,”

.......and make great baby sitters ......


One year old Roughdiamond’s Explorer (called Cooper) with toddler Cooper.
 (Not a spelling´s really Cooper and Cooper on that lovely picture. ,-)

 A Roughdiamond also has “star quality”......;-)

zeros a star

Roughdiamond’s Boomer (called Zero) as doggy model for Bosley’s

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