Sammy smile10
Duschka Training

Larissa is training Duschka for Conformation.


Ayla Training vk

Ayla’s first puppy class at the age of 6 months.
She loved it from the first minute on and and was the
 “smart cookie” of the class :-)

Agility vk

Ayla and Duschka are enjoying some Agility with Michelle at Luminous Kennel


Schneebilder 029

Nature offers some great Agility as well :-)

All year round!

Canada Summer 2006 5 045

Agility Ayla April 09 (14)

Ready, go!

Agility Ayla April 09 (12)

Once a week we attend an Agility Class.

Agility Ayla April 09 (2)

Ayla still loves it!!!

April 2009

April 2009

And never forget about the day to day training.......
like waiting in front of a yummy meal.

13 weeks Dolce and the pack 002

Even 12 weeks old “Duschi Baby”(right) learned quickly ..........

13 weeks Dolce and the pack 003

....that it might take a little longer.........

13 weeks Dolce and the pack 004

until they finally hear the awaited command:

13 weeks Dolce and the pack 006

“Take it and Bon Appetite” :-) :-)


We are always available for our puppy parents,
answering all your questions about raising & training
 your Roughdiamond puppy.

Our first Sammy entered our live in 1989.
Over the last 20 years
we achieved a pretty good knowledge about this wonderful breed,
which we love to share with you!

There is nothing worse than a bored Samoyed.
It is important for you to find ways to keep your Sammy active
 - physically and mentally.

Challenge your Sammy with daily fun training. A couple of minutes every day are more effective than a 1 hour training once a week.

Your Sammy wants to please you. So give him as many opportunities as possible to show you, how special he is.

We always recommend puppy classes,
which are fun for your puppy and yourself.

If you are interested in Obedience, Agility, Conformation, Tracking or Herding please feel free to contact us for further information.

It is important to put some effort into finding a patient and experienced dog trainer, who works with positive reinforcement methods;
but it is worth it!

Your Sammy will be forever grateful, for your time spend on his education!


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