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Our next litter is expected October 15th, 2011.

The proud parents to be are Ayla and Magnum.
Their puppies would be ready to go to their new homes
in the middle of December 2011.

You may have a look at pictures of the C-litter and the E-litter and see yourself
what beautiful offspring this lovingly couple already produced.

If you are interested in one of our Baby-Roughdiamonds and are able to provide
an extraordinary loving, responsible and caring home,
 please fill out our questionnaire and return it to us.

We will contact you!


3 puppies in the yard 044

Ayla and Magnum
pictured in Winter 2009,
when they became parents for the first time :-)

Family cuddle time

The beautiful, happy parents having come cuddle time in the snow with three of their adorable 8 weeks old babies.

did you call me
CLICK here 
and take part in the life of a Roughdiamond Samoyed puppy -
from its first breath till the day we hand it over to you.
(pics of C-litter born Dec. 2, 2008)
5th day 018

Ayla has everything under control - She is such a lovely mommy!

As a future puppy parent 
you may also like to check out 
9th day 003

1 week old and already soooo adorable :-)

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