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email dated June 3rd, 2009

Hello Sabine,

We are recently back from a BIG family road trip and once settled back in will send you pictures of Aimee's first experience with the ocean, RVing, and just how big she has grown.

She thrived on seeing so many new things, meeting new people, and even enjoyed being a lap dog though she seems to still be adjusting to her big girl size. And of course, not being biased at all, she is beautiful. She looks a lot like Magnum and has a huge, gloriously fluffy tail that is so full it dents the fur on her back where it drapes over.

We will try and send pictures within the next week.

Take care,



email dated April 26th, 2009

Hi Sabine,

Another quick update on Aimee:

- As always, Aimee is a real beauty even though she is currently a springtime grey color. She sure loves to dig! She seems to always stop moving in some kind of pose with that huge, fluffy, beautiful tail of hers draped over her back. Her tail is go heavy she seems to have a permanent indent in her back where it sits.

- We are working our way through our puppy classes, Braiden included, and are enjoying some of the good behaviors that we are all learning together, e.g. Come, Sit, Down, Lie Down, Off, Up, Bark (Quiet is not working yet), No, Take It and Leave It (still working on), and Place (not yet with Brittney as a distraction). There are still a few classes to go and I am sure we will do more after a break and some quality time to practice.

- The chewing of people is almost under control. Most of the baby teeth have fallen out and nice, beautiful adult teeth have grown in.

- Housebreaking is still not mastered, but there is progress.

- Aimee loves playing with her toys and playing fetch. Braiden and Aimee even play together - fetch, tag, wrestling. She is very strong and almost as big as Brittney in height now!

- Aimee wakes Braiden up every day for school. Alan opens the door to Braiden's room and Aimee jumps on Braiden's bed, gives a short bark and then licks Braiden. She is quite the little alarm clock!

- She does let us cuddle her a bit more now. It is almost like she thought she was just visiting us when she came here, she likes meeting new people but quickly gets bored and wants to get on to meeting someone new. She just had us for the past three months or so and now is realizing this isn't temporary so she can settle in.

We will get you the agreement signed sorry for the delay. On another note, I tried to register Aimee through CERF and they returned the information because they said I did not submit an original. Did you submit the original and we don't have to? How are the eye exams than tracked back to Aimee?

I want to be sure I have all the appropriate registrations in place before anything is too late.

Hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying spring. Springtime here alternates between snow, rain, sunshine and snow again making for a VERY messy time of year with two dogs and a little boy.

Take care and we will be in touch again soon.



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