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August 20, 2009

Hi Sabine,

We are having such a WONDERFUL time with Dina! We LOVE her!!! - thank you SO much!
It already feels that she has been a part of our family for a long time, yet it has not even been a full week yet.
She really LOVES Zora, and Zora certainly loves having a buddy to play with.
They are having a great time in our yard, and Dina enjoys her quiet days at the office with Holden as well...........

best wishes, and hugs,



Hello Sabine,

She is seriously the sweetest sammy I have met to date. She is so quiet too which makes everything peaceful. Holden AND Zero both love her so very much, especially Zero. He was over the moon that another female Sammy is here in the office.

I have attached a picture for you from this morning! I'm in love hehe

Thank you Sabine for producing the worldest greatest Sammys :-) :-)

Love Shandess

To see lots of wonderful videos of Dina go to:


More beautiful pictures of Dina at her webpage:


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