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Feb. 23rd, 2009

We have had our Roughdiamond Samoyed puppy for about 3.5 weeks now.  Here are some things we notice about our sweet puppy that we registered as “Casanova” (Calling Name: Buddha)

HE TRAINS QUICKLY: Within his first two weeks, our puppy knows “sit”, “down” and “paw” with about 90% accuracy.  He is eager to learn and eager to please. (And he loves treats.)

HE IS EXCELLENT WITH CHILDREN: We don’t have children of our own, but the first time he encountered a group of 6 preschoolers on the street, our puppy was calm, sweet and extra loving with them.  He was very gentle—it was as if he instinctually knew they were young like himself. And he loves to run around the yard games with the neighbour kids who frequently come over asking to play with our puppy.

HE IS COMFORTABLE WITH TRAVEL: We drive him to a large nature park almost everyday and our puppy is always calm with car travel.  He never whines or puts up a fuss when in the car.  He seems very at peace with going new places.

HE LOVES EVERYONE: Our puppy hasn’t met a person yet that he hasn’t liked.  He is very affectionate with family, friends, and strangers on the street.

HE LOVES OUR CATS: Our puppy is not aggressive towards our cat at all—in fact, he LOVES his cats. He thinks they are his friends.  One time, I was holding a cat and Buddha ran up to my feet and initiated good behaviour by doing a bunch of tricks (sit, down, paw)—it was as if he was trying to say, ŇTreat me! Release my cat!Ó However, he seems to not know that our cat is not another puppy. He tries to get the cat to play, but the cat doesn’t understand puppy language.  In time, they will be the best of friends.  The cat is amused by our puppy and likes to be close by. The cat follows the dog around and meows at the door when the puppy is outside.

ZERO AGGRESSION: I have not seen aggression at all in this puppy, not even when I take his food away mid-meal or have my hands near his food dish.  He loves everyone.   

PUPPY’S PHILOSOPHY:  He is extremely trusting of people and his world. He loves people so much. He looks at you intently like he is trying to understand you.  He has a Ňgo-with-the-flowÓ perspective on life. 

BEST PUPPY TOYS: Our puppy loves to play with his stuffed lion, and he loves to wrestle with and snuggle up to his white lambskin rug.  When he lies on his rug he looks camouflaged, and it is the cutest thing on planet Earth!

ELIMINATING: Our puppy is being potty trained now, and he is learning at a good rate. He has never soiled his den (his crate) since we have had him.

ACTIVITY LEVEL:  Play is our puppy’s favourite thing, and he needs lots of action in the morning; by afternoon, he wants to sleep for hours.  After dinner, he needs a long walk and then he is ready to settle in for bedtime. He is an athletic dog; but he is not neurotic.  He needs and deserves lots of action; but he will not stalk you nor is he as demanding as a Border Collie or and American Eskimo.

OFF-LEASH: Our puppy is already fairly reliable when off leash in controlled areas. On long trail walks he stays within 15 feet and comes when called. He likes to walk between his people or slightly behind...on familiar routes he will walk about 3 feet ahead. One time I was worried I lost him and I was calling him--but it was because he was so close to me I didn't see him.  He was walking so closely right behind my feet!

In short, Buddha is the PERFECT puppy. People often comment about how smart and handsome he is. It is hard to walk down the street without people stopping to talk and gush enthusiastically about how cute our dog is.  We feel so lucky. It is clear that our Roughdiamond puppy was raised exceptionally well by his human parents and his dog parents.




Feb. 1st, 09

Hello Sabine!

Casanova is such a good baby boy!
He very often seems to know the right behaviour on his own and he initiates it without being told what to do. For example, when we ate breakfast at the kitchen table this morning, he picked up his bone and went into his corner and chewed his nylabone bone the whole time without begging.
He is gentle with the cat, who is the Boss. The cat, Monsieur, is amused by Casanova. Monsieur is a relaxed cat and he is somewhat interested in Casanova--but he is more interested in taking his cat naps and sniffing out his house and yard.
Casanova is having lots of play time and lots of naps.
He hasn't had any poo accidents inside the house...but he has peed 3 times inside since we did not see any warnings that he needed to go out. But we are getting better at timing him.
He is such a good boy and he is gentle, happy and appropriate in all his actions.
I love him so much!

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