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email dated April 2nd, 2009

Hi Sabine

I want to thank you for sending all those links to Sammie videos on You Tube etc. They are awesome!.....

I am so sorry we have not made it out to your new place yet. Soon ... we will have to make a date. The kids would love to see Duschka, Ayla & Magnum & Kiska would love it too. We often have play time with Bailey.

Kiska is doing Great!! No problems at all. .....She is totally healthy and there are no problems at all. She is perfect.

The only problem is the jealousy of those that fall in love with Kiska and realize they can't have her:) Because she is absolutely the best dog in the world & every one knows it and wishes they had a Kiska too!

Attached is some recent Kiska Pics. We try to go up to Whistler with Kiska as often as we can. 2 of the pics are from Xmas 2008 in Whistler. In the one of just her in the snowy forest I think she looks like a Narnia Dog:) She has such a good time in Whistler. The other one with the 3 Sammies was taken on her 3rd Birthday with Nepewisk. Kiska is in the middle and on either side of her is her 2 best friends Saxon & Sysko. They are my good friend Lisa's Samoyeds. Kiska hangs out with them a lot. They are in love her of course!:)

Much love

Joecy & Kiska



Hi Sabine and Meinolf,

............... She (Kiska) is still in love with her bunny and she carries it from room to room and sleeps with it ... so far she has not destroyed it. She also likes to carry around our socks and slippers, it is cute but we make her give them back to us.

Yes ... we are all more than fine, now that Kiska is in our lives. I could not imagine life now with out her. I do not have words for how much we adore her. .......

She is pawed and patted by dozens of children each day and she loves every moment of it. .....

She curls up on her cream coloured blanket on our beige couch when I am cooking in the kitchen and once in while she perks her head up and looks at me with her twinkly eyes blinking in a sea of cream & white and my heart just melts at her beauty. .........

She has a wolfier face than some Samoyeds which is actually something that I love about her.

I looked at pictures of an arctic wolf yesterday and they could easily have been pictures of Kiska.

But it is more than her looks ... she has profoundly stolen our hearts.


XXOO Joecy



Sabine, Meinolf, Larissa and Dennis

You beat me to it. I was planning to send you an email first thing this morning to say a big thank you for bringing Kisha into our lives. We do love her so much! And I think it is a wonderful idea to have a get together .....



Hi Sabine & Meinolf and kids and samkids too!!Thanks for the birthday wishes! We are going to have a birthday celebration for Kiska on Sunday, her Sammie friends Saxon and Sysco will come and her golden Retriever friend, Riches will come too. Na'ku'set has a dog treats recipe book with a recipe for a loaf with Chicken glaze ... this will be her birthday cake. We will send pictures. We would love to come up with Kiska and Kuma in April, let me talk to Mark and figure out the best weekend and I will get back to you.




Once again we want to Thank You for bringing Kiska into our lives ... she is the most perfect dog on the planet!! She gives us as much love as we give to her.

 Mark and I have a ritual snuggle with the puppies before we go to sleep ... we look at each other and laugh because we are snuggling our dogs instead of each other! I am sure you know what I mean :) Every one who meets our darlings falls in love with them too ... they are bouncy and energetic but also so calm ... people always remark on how mellow and happy they are.

Having observed Kiska over the past few months with other dogs and even other Sammies, she stands out ... it is so obvious how well bred she is ... I recognise now that on top of her cuteness and wonderful personality, she has the most awesome genes ... her gait, her build, her alertness, her quickness, her intelligence, her demeanour ... she is so perfect!! That's a credit to you guys and Duschka ... Well done!!


Big hugs to you guys tooXXOO Joecy, Mark, Kiska, Kuma, Na'ku'set, Muin & Nepewisk




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