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Posted by: Janet Boiangiu
Date: 01/27/2010

Sabine has been so fantastic from initial contact to this day. I did a lot of research when selecting my breeder for my Samoyed puppy since I wanted to make sure I had a healthy and happy puppy that came from a good place and with Sabine i had no doubt I was in good hands. I live in Ontario and she is in Vancouver and even though we are far away she has made the distance feel slim to none.

Sabine has been most fantastic at keeping her website up to date and sharing pictures and videos of every stage so I have felt like i have been there throughout the whole process. She has also been most helpful at providing information and so much detail to make sure the puppy has everything she needs when she arrives to Ontario. We are so excited to bring our baby girl Kaylee home in a few weeks and staying in touch with Sabine who has also become a new friend.

I have nothing but nice things to say and could write forever...Sabine you are fantastic...keep up the good work and your Sammies and Sammy babies and of course your family are so lucky to have you!!!



Posted by: Rachel
Date: 01/27/2010

WOW! What can I say that hasn't already been said?
My two sons and I have been absolutely thrilled with all our visits to Roughdiamond Samoyeds. We've really enjoyed spending time with not only Sabine and her adorable puppies, but also with the other Roughdiamonds, especially my favorite, mommy Ayla.

Sabine has kept us informed and amused with frequent emails, photos and videos all along the way - from birth to six weeks old, which is how old the puppies are now.

All the Roughdiamond puppies are wonderful.........and like I asked Sabine, how do you even begin to pick a favorite? My sons are looking forward to showing our puppy Zara when she gets older.
Thanks so much Sabine for your generous hospitality and wealth of information on the perfect family pet - a Roughdiamond Samoyed. We can't wait to bring Zara home!


August 14th, 2009

Hello Sabine,

Dina is seriously the sweetest sammy I have met to date. She is so quiet too which makes everything peaceful. Holden AND Zero both love her so very much, especially Zero. He was over the moon that another female Sammy is here in the office.

I have attached a picture for you from this morning! I'm in love hehe

Thank you Sabine for producing the worldest greatest Sammys :-) :-)

Love Shandess


Posted by: Shandess
Date: 07/28/2009

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Sabine and the Roughdiamond family are the most wonderful breeders in the world.
The way the puppies are raised to the way they love their own fur babies, they are truly a one of a kind bunch.
Now a days it's so hard to find a good breeder who practices healthy breeding as well as handsome breeding. My soon to be 2 year old Samoyed Zero (Roughdiamonds Boomer) is the most wonderful dog in the world and I have Sabine to thank for that. If it werent for her I wouldnt have my dream boy!

Thank you Sabine!

Love Shandess and Zero!


Posted by: Phil Phifer
Date: 07/09/2009

Sabine is what all dog breeders should be.
She is 100% committed to the well being of her dog/puppies and the amount of care and love she puts into everything is a testament to this.
From my first meeting with her to detail she puts into her website and the information and attention she has provided I have been blown away.
I heartily recommend that anyone interested in sharing their lives with a Sammy check out RoughDiamond Samoyeds.



Posted by: Michael Carman
Date: 07/07/2009

What a fantastic experience it's been purchasing a puppy from Roughdiamond Samoyeds. Sabine Schulte has been incredible with sharing and imparting her vast wealth of Sammy information and experience to her new puppy families.
Her love of her own dogs, and the Samoyed breed in general, is very apparent on each and every visit to the Shulte home as we visit to see the puppies grow.
Sabine makes sure we are kept up to date on EVERYTHING, and I am very confident we will be very well prepared for the day our new little boy comes home.

I would heartily recommend Sabine and Meinolf Schulte and Roughdiamond Samoyeds to anyone considering adding that most beautiful of dogs, the smiling Sammy, to their family.



Posted by: Robert Ferrey
Date: 07/04/2009

 I would like to acknowledge what a great experience we have had acquiring a beautiful Samoyed puppy from Sabine Schulte of Roughdiamond.

The instant we started e-mailing, to actually meeting Sabine and her wonderful family, we felt her warmth, love, care and expertise. Sabine exemplifies all the characteristics of what a breeder should strive to be.
We look forward to picking up our puppy on August 5, 2009 and know we have all the support and resources from Sabine for raising a mentally and physically healthy little girl.

Robert and Darlene



Posted by: Kaylyn Robinson
Date: 06/24/2009

Although I decided to go with an older dog from another breeder, rather than a puppy from Roughdiamond, they were more than helpful in my search for a Samoyed.

Not only was Sabine quick to reply to me, but she always has updates and news ready for the "potential parents" as soon as possible!
The website is completely up to date and you can check up on how your puppy is doing with her pictures and comments.

She was very helpful in forwarding my inquiry to other breeders. She will definitely make sure you get the puppy that is right for you, and your lifestyle.
If you can't get a puppy from Roughdiamonds, she will make sure you get a puppy from some where else, that is the perfect match!

My experience with Roughdiamonds was indeed a great one.
I appreciate all the help I got, and will absolutely contact them for a Samoyed puppy in the future! I recommend them 110%!

Thank you,
-Kaylyn Robinson
Posted by: Catie
Date: 06/22/2009  
I would like to share the wonderful experience we had with Roughdiamond Samoyeds.
I met Chance (one of their samoyed puppies) in the Okanagan one day on a walk.
The information we received about the breed and the standards displayed were above all the rest! I
 have done my research, and by word of mouth this breeder is definitely the way to go if you are looking for a healthy, happy and hand raised Samoyed.
We can't wait to welcome one into our family.


Posted by: George and Tracy Meikle
Date: 04/28/2009

Tracy and I have had Chance for 3 months now,and every day,he excedes our expectations.
He has completed his first 8 weeks of obedience and passed with flying colours. He is a beautiful boy with an amazing temperment which I attribute not only to our raising of him, but also to the start he had with Sabine and Roughdiamond.
Her kennel is everything we looked for and we searched all of Canada to find the perfect breeder and Samoyed. We could not be happier with our choice, and feel honored to have been chosen to have one of Magnum's and Ayla's pups.Thankyou to Sabine and Roughdiamond.

Posted by: Jodi Lynn
Date: 03/27/2009 @ 05:33 AM



I just really wanted to say a big thank-you to Sabine and Roughdiamond Samoyeds for being wonderful ambassadors for their breed. Sabine is much like her wonderful dogs, very sweet and always willing to help.
If someone is looking for a Sammy or an introduction to the breed they can feel confident with Roughdiamond Samoyeds. Thanks again Sabine & much luv to the dogs.


Posted by: Ine
Date: 03/02/2009 @ 04:24 AM



Although we were a little bit too late to get a Sammy from this breeder, she helped us finding one that could live with us even though it wasn't from their litter.

The Roughdiamond family has been really helpful and the only thing I have to say is: thumps up!
Thank you so much!

February 20th, 2009

Hello Sabine,

I have commented again on you video and rated it! You know i'm always happy to do that. I just love Magnum, I look at him and just wanna squeeze him, he is THAT cute. You must be one proud momma!

Everyone on my side is doing good! Zero and I have been enjoying the nicer weather (except for today of course). We should come for a visit sometime again soon!

I look forward to more videos of your beautiful dogs!

Love Shandess

January 27th, 2009

Hi Sabine,
Well I got to the computer before my dad and I just want to say THANK YOU so much for all of the videos and pictures. I am thinking of you and the puppy's every day. I can't wait to bring home Icy!!!!!!!!!

see you soon,
Danika :)


January 27th, 2009

Hi Sabine

Just wanted to again say THANK YOU for your time and effort in continually updating the web site. It is so enjoyable to be able to see the puppies each day. It is also obvious how much you are working with them.
I can see their little minds working in each photo. I can also see such peace and happiness in their little faces. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!
Beautiful dogs from beautiful people.

Love and Hugs


Posted by: Stephanie Ingram
Date: 01/27/2009 @ 06:02 AM


Roughdiamond dogs are beautiful! I was immediately drawn to their dogs the moment I saw their web site. By looking at the pictures I could see just how much all of their Sammys mean to them, they are part of the family! Sabine responded quickly to my e-mail questions and spoke honestly over the phone. She was knowledgeable and kind. Unfortunately now is not the right time for us to bring a puppy into our family but when the time is right I will defiantly call Sabine back.

Thanks again to the Schulte family who raise those wonderful Samoyeds!


Posted by: Dr. Paul Kapeikis
Date: 01/09/2009 @ 01:50 AM


Sabine & Meinolf Schulte and their Roughdiamonds are in reality priceless gems. I could not be more impressed by the knowledge, attention to detail and genuine love they show in breeding and caring for their dogs. This passion is immediately evident in the beauty, health and temperament of their canine family. Their total commitment to producing healthy, happy, well adjusted, easily trainable puppies is inspirational. Their hospitality, energy and enthusiasm in assisting and teaching new owners ensures a great experience with each of their puppies. At Roughdiamond Samoyeds, what starts as a business transaction results in a lifelong friendship. Thank you Sabine and Meinolf.



Posted by: Barb Breitenbucher
Date: 01/08/2009 @ 08:28 PM


We can not say enough good things about Rough Diamonds and our adorable Micah (Arwin). She has been a pleasure from day one, never a problem socializing with other dogs, people, or our cats. She is incredibly gentle, happy, affectionate and always trying to please. We look forward to adding another Rough Diamond puppy to our family in a few more years.


Posted by: Tiffany Poirier
Date: 12/21/2008 @ 07:25 PM


The moment you see a Roughdiamond Samoyed in person, you will know what everyone is talking about! These dogs are heavenly. They are PERFECT! On our first visit, the dogs welcomed us with love immediately. It was heartwarming to learn of how wonderfully Sabine, Meinolf and their children care for them and how serious they are about providing them with the best lifestyle, health, and training.

In all my life, I have never seen dogs with sweeter or more loving temperaments. Throughout our two hour educational visit, I saw the dogs exceptionally behaved and they showed great attention to the commands of their owners. The dogs were at peace with their surroundings and eager to please. Sabine and Meinolf have raised ideal family dogs. Their home is beautiful, very clean and well organized. Their dogs have lots of space and appropriate boundaries.

The whole visit at Roughdiamond Samoyeds left me with an impression of excellence.


Posted by: George Meikle
Date: 12/17/2008 @ 02:03 AM


We are so happy with the way Sabine has kept us up to date on the progress of our future new family member.It is the next best thing to being there. Thankyou Sabine.



Posted by: Stephanie
Date: 11/28/2008 @ 05:47 PM


There are so many positive things to say about Sabine and Roughdiamond Samoyeds, I'm not sure where to begin. Never have I felt more at ease and welcomed in the dog world as I am with Sabine, her family and dogs. She is so well informed on her breed and very willing to share and express very helpful opinions and knowledge as well as being open to new information.

I currently reside with a Roughdiamond Samoyed and know first hand that these dogs come from a nurturing, positive, very loving environment. Sabine starts her puppies off right with positive socialization experiences, setting them up for success when it's time for them to start their lives with new families. The dogs are very well rounded and just a pleasure to be with.

Upon introduction, I was immediately impressed with all the procedures Roughdiamond Samoyeds goes through to ensure quality, healthy, happy dogs and of course the families they go to. It is a refreshing change from what I've seen to meet someone who does everything for the good of the breed and not to simply make sales. Sabine knows her dogs and pups inside and out and does wonders picking the right dog for the right families which is truly important as everyone is much happier with a dog with which they are compatible.

I wholly trust Roughdiamond Samoyeds and if I were ever to get a samoyed of my own, I know exactly who I'd go to first!

All the best,




Posted by: Shandess W
Date: 11/28/2008 @ 04:35 PM


I have always been very interested in Samoyeds and when the day came to actually getting my puppy I couldn't be happier with the Kennel he is from. Sabine and her family show such warmth and care to not only their dogs but everyone they welcome into their lives. When speaking with Sabine before getting my puppy she was very helpful and took great pride in knowing what she wanted for the puppies. When I finally met Sabine and saw the puppies i knew this was the best choice I could have ever made. The puppies were all so happy and beautiful. I feel very honoured to know her and to own one of her puppies. I will always recommend Roughdiamond Samoyeds to anyone looking for a happy healthy sammy.

I wish them all the best with their upcomming litter!

Much Love,
Shandess and Zero


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