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To breed healthy, high-quality dogs with
outstanding bloodlines is a goal for every breeder.

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At Roughdiamond Kennels we also strive to present future
Samoyed owners with puppies that are happy,
psychologically balanced, well socialized, attentive and
always eager to learn.


To develop these qualities,
our puppies receive lots of love and attention.
This is why they excel both in the show ring
and as great family pets.




To guarantee the quality of the Samoyed breeding
we are registered members of the


Canadian Kennel Club


     Association of Samoyeds in Canada


     American Kennel Club


Musher-Ausflug 8,5 weeks


All of our breeding dogs have had

their hips examined and rated good to excellent and

 their eyes have been CERF examined.

Some of our breeding dogs have had

additional OFA approved  Heart- and Thyroid-examinations
with no problems identified.


Our breeding lines have been built and adjusted based on
mental, emotional and physical well-being, for many generations.


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Our motto is:

"Quality before quantity in breeding -

but quantity of love and attention in raising"


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