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We offer in home boarding for your puppy.

The daily rate is $ 25.00.
The weekly rate is $ 160.00

A pickup and delivery service can be arranged.

These rates include lots of fun for your puppy and the guarantee, that your puppy will be treated like
one of our own dogs.

Daily brushing, training sessions, playing in the yard with
us and our three Sammies and daily walks in the park
or at the beach go without saying!



pregnant Duschka 010

Date: 06/27/2009

“I would like to thank Sabine for the wonderful host she has been for my dog 'Spikkel'.
'Spikkel', my 11 year old Jack Russell who just had shurgery and needed special care, absolutely loved his stay at Sabine's kennel.
She took him for walks, brushed him daily, took him to the vet ( to get some stitches removed) and kept me updated by sending me e-mails and pictures all the time. 'Spikkel' always was my 'problem boy' (because he is so small & old) to find accommodation for, while we were away, but I have to say, I have found 'the perfect spot'”

Thank you,



13 weeks Dolce and the pack 003

10 month old puppy Snowball (Roughdiamond’s Duschka) on the right.
(October 2009)


Casanova zu Besuch Dec. 1st, 09 025

Boarding guest Buddha (Roughdiamond’s Casanova)
on the left.
(October 2009)


Bo and Mika Feb. 2010 (21)

Boarding guest Bo (Roughdiamond’s Dream come True) on the left and
his sister Mika (Roughdiamond’s Dolce Mika), who came for a visit are having a blast getting all moddy in the yard. ;-)


Visitenkarte 006

Our always welcomed guest Buddha
on the right
(March 2010)


Bo and Mika Feb. 2010 (14)

(Magnum, Phil with Mika, Duschka, Bo)

Phil, the owner of Mika wrote on April 8, 2010:

.......Anyway, I really can't thank you enough for keeping Mika while we go to Hawaii. In all honesty I've thought several times about cancelling this trip because I really don't want to be away from her for that long. I think the longest we've been apart is about 10hrs and I can't imagine not seeing her for that long. We have developed such a strong bond too that we can really trust each other. Anyways I'm going on and on...I just really want to say thank you for keeping her because without you there is absolutely no way we would even consider leaving her with anyone else. Knowing that you will be taking care of her is the only reason we would leave her.....


Daisy April 2010 032

4 month old Daisy is staying with us for a week in April 2010, while her owners are enjoying the Aloha spirit of Hawaii. :-)

In the meanwhile we are enjoying the cuddle time with this most adorable, content, lovingly and beautiful girl.
Daisy is a joy having a around and we will like to take the chance to say Thank you! to her new owners, who are obviously doing an amazing job in raising this  puppy!!!

Daisy April 2010 022

3 Generations of “Bone Chewers” ;-).
Daisy (4 month) in the front, behind grandma Duschka (7 years) and in the back mommy Ayla (4 years)


Chance and Mika April 200 01102

While at our place Daisy got fun visitors to play with: 16 month old brother “Chance” and his buddy Brodie, who has just the perfect “puppy size” for Daisy. ;-) (April 15th, 2010)


Chance and Mika April 200 052

8 month old “Dolce Mika” (left) is staying with her furry family for a week. Mika is the daughter of Duschka (middle) and Magnum (right) (left). We always enjoy the time with “our” ;-) puppies and like to spoil them, just like grandparents spoil their grandchildren. ;-) :-)


March 19th, 2010
in Fort Langley


15 month old Casanova feels like home, while his human family is spending a vacation in Mexico.


Magnum and Ayla with son Casanova and granny Duschka

Coming home from a nice walk

Coming home from a nice walk

Buddha is awaiting his

Buddha is awaiting his "mommy",.....

.....who has a birthday today!

.....who has a birthday today!

Chance and Mika April 200 008

6 month old Daisy (who stayed for a 1week boarding) and Sheltie Brodie

Chance and Mika April 200 013

Daisy and her one year older brother “Chance”

Chance and Mika April 200 022

Daisy and Chance (April 15th, 2010) are having fun!

Chance and Mika April 200 024

Chance and Brodie

Chance and Mika April 200 029

Chance is amazing in fetching!!!

Mika (in the front) and her family

April 26th, 2009 - Enjoying our daily walk!

April 26th, 2009 - Enjoying our daily walk!

Mika already feels

Mika already feels "like home".

Another beautiful day during Mika's stay at our place

May 2nd,2009 Another beautiful day during Mika's stay at our place

May 2nd..........Mika (right) is watching Daddy Magnum

Mika (right) is watching Daddy Magnum

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