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Yellow girl 7th day

Yellow girl 7th day

15 th day

15 th day

20th day 019

20th day - Demi and yellow girl

20th day - Tired after playing with the ball.

20th day - Tired after playing with the ball.

23rd day - Yellow is the most calm and relaxed girl puppy.

23rd day

28th day

28th day

30th day 007

Stephanie and yellow girl

31th day 052

with Kaela in the whelping box

33rd day 056

33rd day 056

33rd day 058

33rd day 058

40th day 025

40th day - Cleaning her little paws

40th day 027

40th day - “Did you call me?”

yellow girl Icy enjoys the snow

yellow girl Icy enjoys the snow

Green boy is leaving 032

Icy always finds something to play with...

Green boy is leaving 041

And is not shy to catch a yummy chewing stick from her brother.

Green boy is leaving 045

Sweet little girl - you have so much from your Daddy ;-)

Pink Girl is leaving January 24, 09 (16)

Posing time at the age of 7 weeks

Pink Girl is leaving January 24, 09 (20)

What a puppy!

"I am cooooooooooming!"


Icy: "You called me - Here I am!"

8 weeks old 028

“She told us, when we are making a mass,
we have to tidy it up again. So, lets start!”


“I love you so much - Can I give you one more kiss?!”


“What is that big thing for?”


“ guys look quite funny behind that bars...” :-)


“Hey Canim....Look! My new family is coming to pick me up!”


Kaela and Icy


“Isn’t she adorable?!!!!”


“Welcome to our family, Icy darling!”


“Bye bye, little princess... I love you!”


Last playing session with mommy, daddy and granny


“Icy just like she is: Full of energy and joy of life!








Icy and Liam


Catch me, if you can! ;-)


The Kapeikis - finally complete ;-)


Thank you Paul, for being a great Daddy for Icy.


Last pic (I am taking ;-)...Have a safe drive home!


Icy enjoys the drive home on Danika’s lap.

Chai checks out Icy

Chai checks out Icy

icy 106

Icy and the snow (8.5 weeks)

icy 094

“Let’s what’s UNDER that white blanket?

icy 105

Icy and Liam

icy 077

Pink Ladies

icy 067

Staff Meeting

icy 084

“I guess they think I am still a baby....
......but I don’t mind at all”! ;-)

icy 068

“How am I supposed to handle that keyboard, without a chair?”

icy 074

“A day in the office is quite exhausting.....
.....I need a nap, right away!!”

icy 020

Icy and her buddies

icy 103

Danika and Icy (9 weeks)

Lunch with Icy Feb

“I am coming!!!”

Lunch with Icy Feb



Lunch with Icy Feb

“May I be allowed to check out the water?”

Lunch with Icy Feb

“Isn’t it too chilly, Icy?”

Lunch with Icy Feb

“No, that was a great refreshment!”

Lunch with Icy Feb

“Let’s go back to the office!”

Lunch with Icy Feb

“That was a fun lunch time - now I need a nap......”

Leavenworth 3-14-09 014

Leavenworth 3-14-09

Leavenworth 3-14-09 008

“Can we take that stick home?”

March 2009 016

“Is that size of a stick better for taking home?”

March 2009 024

Fun exercise for Kaela and Icy

Leavenworth 3-14-09 019

Enjoying an exciting day in Leavenworth

March 2009 029

March 2009 - 4 month old beauty Icy

"Are you ready for some fun, Mocha?"

April 2009

“Did you just call my name?”

Beautiful Icy at the age of 5 month

 Icy at the age of 5 month is always carrying her most enchanting smile!

Super cute

Super cuddle time!!!

puppy love

“You look good enough to eat, Chai.”

Give five!

“High five, Icy!”


“Are we going into the show ring soon?” ;-)


Gorgeous 9 month old Icy


Icy looks a lot like her beautiful mommy Ayla :-)

September 15th, 2009

........With this thought in mind, I need to share a brief story concerning your influence over the puppies you send out all over the world. Icy is usually sitting/sleeping nearby when I check your web site and watch your videos. She is oblivious to most of the sounds coming from my computer. Whenever she hears your voice, and most specifically when you are speaking in German, she will almost always get up immediately to come and sniff the computer speakers and act as though she is looking for you. When we picked her up, you had said she would forget your family within a week. I don't believe this is true! Your exceptional family's love and care for her will never be forgotten. .........

I have sent a few new photos of Icy. As you can see, she is growing up very nicely. I think she is still smaller and lighter than Ayla or Duschka but after seeing a large group of show Samoyed's this past weekend, she is right in standard. We think she is just beautiful and we are totally in love with her. ..............

All our love,

Louise, Paul, Kaela, Danika, Liam and Icy

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